Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Gifts!

One of the advantages of Warhammer over Eve is that I can get gifts for Warhammer from my friends and family.

This year I got some books of a series I wanted. I read the first book Horus Rising a while back and put the next three books on my list which Kim and her sister picked up for me. During vacation I read the first of the new books and I'm well into the second. The books follow the Horus Heresy which forms a huge backbone of the storyline in the 40K universe and they are excellently written. More on my thoughts as I finish these books and get ready for the next ones.

I also got the Forge World Avatar with spear I asked for from Kim. This is a beautiful model and shall be my next project once I finish those pesky Dire Avengers. As for the Avatar, I have no idea how to paint it yet. I'm going to have to browse the internet for inspiration.

I also got some paint brushes, always appreciated.

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