Thursday, January 03, 2008

On the Hunt

Last night as I was moving ships out of low sec to be transported back to Molden Heath, some bad guys started bothering m3 corp mates. They needed someone to start a gang and the current players didn't have leadership skills to manage it. But I did. So I stepped up in my little manticore that I was flying at the moment and started the gang.

We didn't get the bad guys despite about 10 of us in gang, and my little stealth bomber was not very useful to the fleet commander, but it was nice to get in on an op before I resign my roles in a day or two. And it was fun to play with the fleet mechanics some.

Optivus is out of Wicked Creek, Barak and Kirith are out of low sec Essence, so all that is left is the ratting Rokh Kirith owns in Wicked Creek. I was very tempted to try and fly it out but the smart thing to do would be to sell it and scoot out in a fast frig. The money would go nicely towards that Onyx I want next week, and the HIC would be a better ship for roaming gangs than the Rokh would be.

Soon I will be pirating again. Hehehehe...

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