Thursday, November 29, 2007

Other Online Games

What? There are other online games besides Eve? *GASP*

Seriously, I'm not talking about MMORPGs, I'm talking about games of a more sedate nature that I participate in.

play chess online
Gameknot - Online chess between 697,658+ players. Free accounts can get up to 12 concurrent games, and each game gives between 3-7 days to make your move (depending on settings when the game was created). Leagues, teams, tournaments, and a rating system. I've finished over 1000 games on Gameknot since I started a couple years ago. - This website is similar to Gameknot but with a smaller user base and a selection of games besides Chess including some obscure ones. I play Go on this site but only a couple games at a time. I enjoy Go and I find it far more fun and exciting than Chess, but it suffers in the online waiting-days-for-turns format. Face to face games are where Go excels. Still, I like to keep sharp and YTMT's website does that. Again, all free.

Conquer Club - This is basically a free website to play games of Risk without violating trademarks. Plus they a whole slew of fun options besides the basic game and you can play multiple games at once. Again, you have 24 hours to make your move so no rush. I just started this week so I'll update in a while as it goes.

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