Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trinity Is Announced

The next major (largest?) Eve expansion has been announced for release on Dec 5th, next week.

While I'm happy to see the new graphics and all, I'm more stoked about the chance to see if my investment into Battleship invention pans out. It wasn't a make-or-break investment for Razor; if all five invention tries fail I'm out about 400 million ISK which can be recuperated in other operations in a couple months. The Scorpions and ship components I've stockpiled can easily go into other operations.

Also, last night I had a little excitement. From the incident report on my corp forums:
Since I missed the action last night arriving too late, I went out solo looking for any pirates through Parts and area. After a few uneventful jumps I ended up in Old Man Star with about 11 in local including some reds from Angels of Redemption.

I warped to the Ladistier gate to check out the local names and see if any -5 sec status pilots were around. At the gate I run into Hiflungdung of Blunt Force Syndicate sitting there in a drake. He has a positive sec status and not red to us so I'm not too concerned with him.

Then the yellow threat square lights up. WTF? He's locking me?

At first I think he's playing around. After all, my sec status is positive, I've made no threatening moves or words in local, and as far as I know we're neutral to his corp. But as soon as the threat square goes red he launches missiles at me to my surprise.

So here I am in a Tech 2 outfitted Brutix with 5 EC-600 jamming drones in my hold being assaulted by a signicantly younger character in a drake hitting me with tech 1 missiles and getting pounded by the sentries. I'm 90% sure I can take him without a second glance but I'm far from home in a system with a couple reds and the thought does occur to me that he could be bait.

I wait patiently for about 20 seconds (according to the logs) watching my shield melt, surprisingly slowly actually but I'm not complaining. I'm about to start to lock him and approach to attack when a big red flashing Apocalypse warps to the gate from Angels of Redemption corp. Now I don't know if it was coincidence or whether they were working together because I got spooked and jumped into Ladistier.

Once in Ladistier there was one red in local and not at the gate so I warped to the station to get a feel for whether or not I was being pursued. At the station I did not dock but watched local climb a bit with another red.

Suddenly one of the reds undocks in a shuttle, looking for me I presume. He quickly docks. A few seconds later he undocks again... in a Chimera.

"NEAT!" I think to myself and immediately start flying towards it. He begins locking me but I'm not concerned as I can dock in a second if anything gets ugly. I approach leisurely and he still hasn't completed locking me at which I laugh a little as I see a sensor booster graphic in effect on the carrier. As I get to about 10 km another red warps to station, this one in a Hurricane. Ah, the cavalry, and local fills up with a couple more reds.

That was it for me. Fearing gate camps on any exits and enemies closing in I dock at the station and log for the night. This morning right after downtime I logged in and got my ass out of low sec so I can head back to friendly space.
Next time I see Hiflungdung I won't be so patient.

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