Friday, November 30, 2007


Last night a call went up in corp chat that the POS needed fuel and there was a need for escorts, scouts, and more haulers to go to the local market hub and get the fuel. A few people jumped up as escorts and scouts right away so I figured I'd help out as a hauler since my alt Barak was in system and had just joined m3.

There was only two low sec systems to go through, the rest of the 8 jumps were high sec. But it took us twenty minutes to get through those two low sec systems as when we went to make our pass through pirates seemed to materialize out of nowhere and a frantic battle erupted on a gate between our scouts and other allies not in our convoy and pirates.

As we sweated it out in a safe spot in the first low sec system, worried that a scan probe would reveal our location and an enemy fleet would warp in, the battle raged at the gate. Finally our side drove off the enemy and the three haulers including mine made a break for it. We go through safely and took a different and longer route home, also through two low sec systems but no pirate activity in these ones.

All in all an exciting evening and it was good to do something with the corp to show the colours so to speak.

Later on I decided that in order to practice with the carrier I'd need a relatively safe system to work in. So I jumped Barak to the carrier and got a m3 corp mate to generate a cyno for me. The new system I'm in will be more populated with friendlies and has a corp POS so I can practice there with little worry of being assaulted. Ok, less worry. :)

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