Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why Warhammer Is Suffering In My Life

I haven't been posting much about warhammer lately. Part of the problem is the usual lack of games: once every two weeks and sometimes that schedule gets thrown off if I want a game night with Andrew. Another part is I haven't been enthused to paint since doing the Chaos Lord a couple weeks ago.

But the big problem is that my interest has fallen way off. I still enjoy the game and the people, but I am so frustrated by the lack of ability to enjoy the games whereas something like Eve is so immediately accessible with the same level of depth (perhaps more!). With Eve I can pick up 20-30 minutes of entertainment in the morning to check on skills or lab jobs, chat with a friend, or just scan a couple belts. Almost every evening I can sit down for an hour or so and do something constructive. Although I can paint in the same time frame it is not my main focus of warhammer and more of a chore than a desire.

Is warhammer going to leave my life? No. I still enjoy playing immensely. But I may have to simplify.

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