Thursday, October 18, 2007

Expanding Business

My industrial corp Razor Tech has been selling off more shares. Originally I sold 280 of 1000 shares to friends and close associates at 1 million each. That raised money back for the initial invention efforts, that is, the Caldari encryption skill and esoteric data interface.

Now I'm selling another 220 shares to raise funds for stockpiling materials to build the widows that I can hopefully invent a BPC for. Initial rough guesstimate suggests that each Widow will cost about 200 million to make and I'd like to get as much materials as possible so that we can build two or three right out of the gate. Normally I would work slowly at saving money but the time to strike the market will be as soon as possible after Rev III to maximize profits, so this is a calculated risk.

If successful, meeting the 50 million a month promised dividend will be easy.

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