Monday, October 15, 2007

I Wanted the Celestis

Yesterday morning I was flying with Klastrit but our two hours of hunting did not find any belters to kill. I got out the scan probes at one point and we had a Drake pinpointed in a mission, but by the time I got my Thorax he had left and turned in the mission. Drat!

Then last night I was out by myself again, cruising the belts. As I went from system to system, I noticed a Jaguar following me. At one gate I waited and it joined me, a red flashie! I debated whether or not to open fire: I knew the sentry guns would not shoot me, but would they shoot him if I engaged first? A question for the more experienced pilots. Regardless, he jumped into system after it became apparent I was not going to lock and a few moments later I did as well.

Aulbres was busy last night and I quickly warped to a planet to begin scanning. But the Jag pilot was somewhere nearby, so I warped to 100 km. Good choice. The Jag pilot was there but 156km away. That dropped to 140 pretty fast so I wasted no time hitting the warp button. After that I kept a close eye on the overview but never ran into him again.

I continued to scan the belts and located a Celestis. I warped in and he was smart, over 45 km away. I hit the MWD and started towards him but he hit his MWD and went the opposite direction. I never got closer than 35 km and figured the gig was up. I warped out without aggression and figured I would see if I could surprise him later.

Scanning again, picked up an Atron. Wait, what? An Atron? Oh yeah, Gallente T1 frigate. I warped in and hit the MWD again. Precious seconds ticked by as I got into range of the scram but he did not warp off when he had the chance and I snagged him. Seconds later he was popped. I checked the wreck and found... Golden Omber? Mining laser? I could only shake my head as I warped off.

I never ran into the Jag or Celestis again, and later on I tried to nail down an 07 pilot in a Thorax but he didn't want to come play.

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  1. No, sentries would not have engaged him if you fired first. Also, what range were you at on the gate? If it was sub 5km, that would have been your only chance to get him unless you carry webber drones. I'm presuming his plan was to orbit at 11km and use barrage, but that's very crappy dps, and one overheat on your mwd would get him... hmmm. That leaves moron pilot or artyjag, which would be interesting..