Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Training What Now?

I'm kinda in a training funk with Kirith right now.

I spent a lot of time training for T2 rails to the point where I am ready to start the 25+ day haul through Large Hybrid Turret V. Did I say haul? I meant mind-numbing slog. I got distracted by T2 blasters and got them trained up to Medium T2s, so that's extra incentive to train the Large Hybrid Turret V as that opens up T2 large blasters for my reborn Blasterokh someday in the future (of course, I'd need Motion Prediction V first sigh).

But even with the diversion into t2 blasters, I find myself boring of the gunnery training for a while. Since I'm loving the Thorax I decided to train up T2 armour tanking which required only a week and a bit to accomplish and right now I'm in the beginning of Hull Upgrades V and the four armour compensation skills are right after that. But what next?

My options:
1) Finish T2 large rails for my mission running rokh. Then get T2 large blasters.
2) Train up to Recons.
3) Train up to HACs.
4) Train up Gallante Cruiser IV and Gallente Battleship.
5) Throw on Caldari Battleship V.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Right now I'm strongly leaning towards Recons or HACs as either will get me another ship class to play with, they are both gated by Caldari Cruiser V so training one opens up the other in a few extra days, and they both lead eventually to the new T2 battleships.


  1. See, this is why I fly matari ships. They're more fun. I have 86 skills...and 25m sp. I might get ECM drones, but it's iffy.

  2. Anonymous4:33 am

    Large Rail Spec and your FC's will love you. Forever and ever and ever.

    If fleet isn't something you do a lot, you'll probably get more milage out of HACs/Recons, but only if you do small roaming gang stuff.