Friday, October 05, 2007

Return of the Black Storm

With new Chaos Codex in hand, I marched onto the field of battle at St Laurent last night.

First off was an impromptu game with good friend and foe Corey. 1250 pts of my chaos versus his Eldar, I threw a list together and went to war in a Secure and Control mission, one of my favourites.

Chaos Lord with terminator armour and lightning claws
4 Terminators
2 x 10 Marines with las/plas in Rhino
3 Obliterators

5 Banshees
10 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
10 Guardians
5 Dark Reapers

I deep struck the Obliterators in early but scattered too much and could only really hit the guardians. The next few turns were about movement and positioning with the defiler trading shots with the grav tanks, bombing some reapers in one shot while the daemonic possession frustrated Corey three times. In the last turn Corey made a mistake and doomed a tactical squad instead of the terminators being charged by the Farseer and Banshees. He rolled poorly to wound with the Exarch's executioner and the charging Chaos Lord took care of business with ease. This allowed the terminators to contest the third objective and with the other two split it was down to pure VPs which chaos eked out a victory.

In my second game, it was 2000 pt Take and Hold versus Lawrence and his space marines.

Chaos Lord with terminator armour and lightning claws
Daemon Prince
4 Terminators in Land Raider
2 x 10 Marines with las/plas in Rhino
10 Marines with missile launcher
10 Marines with flamer/plasma pistol in Rhino
3 Obliterators

Space Marines
Chaplin with Jump Pack, lightning claws
Librarian with Jump Pack
2 Vindicators
4 x Tactical Squads
Dev Squad with 4 heavy bolters
Assault Squad

I started off early by charging the Land Raider full of terminators and the defiler down the flank where the Vindicators were, killing one with a lascannon and the other with chain fists and power fists. Lawrence retaliated with a meltagun to the side of the land raider, destroying it. Ticked at his ride being smashed the Chaos Lord and terminator guard smashed through the ruins and two tactical squads.

In the middle of the board both sides advanced on the objective with chaos rhinos blocking line of sight. The sides clashed but the Chaplin led assault squad and tactical squad and librarian easily crushed three chaos squads in close combat in exchange for the assault squad.

At the end of turn 5 almost all surviving models were within 12 inches of the centre: Chaos Lord and 3 terminators, Defiler, 2 obliterators, and one tactical squad facing 2 tactical squads, one dev squad, the Chaplin and Librarian. Unfortunately I got confused about what turn it was and insisted the game was over, only later in the ride home realizing my error.

Its hard to say what would have happened in a sixth turn. While the two space marine characters have massive potential to rip up the Obliterators and Tactical squad, the terminators and defiler have abilities not to be underestimated either.

Good game, and I owe Lawrence a rematch.

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