Friday, October 12, 2007

The Life of a Pirate

This past week has been interesting for Kirith. Since taking down my first solo kill last week I've been out prowling and had some successes and some "learning experiences".

First I found an Osprey mining in a belt on Monday and took him down in short order. He was ticked and sent me hate-mail: "PK, Kiss me" which I'm choosing to translate as something like "Player killer! Kiss my ass!" as opposed to something more flirtatious.

On Tuesday I was searching and saw a Maller on scan and warped in on it. We started trading blows but it seemed like his tank was tough and then a buddy of his in a Megathron warped in. BOOM! I warped back to station, got in Thorax #2 and later that day when hunting again.

During my second hunt a found an Arbitrator and we tangled. It was close, I had him half into structure before I blew up. I chatted with him in locale as I warped off and he also had a T1 outfitted ship, but his drones were T2. Makes all the difference. I got into Thorax #3 and bought some T2 medium drones.

Wednesday night I was hunting with a couple corp mates and we engaged an Ishkur at a sun, but he snuck away with his MWD before I could get my webber on him. We got his T2 drones though. Later on my buddies left and I continued on and found a Covetor mining at a belt. I ripped into him like a hot knife into butter and the loot was nice: 2 strip miners and an Expanded Cargo Hold II. Cha-ching!

Last night I was out hunting again and saw a Flycatcher on scan and decided "what the hell" and warped in on it. I spooked him and he warped off pretty quick, but a few seconds later he says in local "Careful Kirith, I can kill you." I responded bravely, "probably, but nothing ventured nothing gained."

"Ok, I'm coming back" His confidence was unnerving and I decided that discretion was the better part of honour. "Well the element of surprise is gone now!" and I left the system.

So far the Four Thoraxes experiment has been good. My heart still speeds up as I warp in but at least it is controllable now and my hands don't get so jittery. Also, instinct is starting to take over as the practice of what mods to engage and what timing/order sinks in. Confidence is growing and as my armour tanking skills increase I think I might start throwing on more T2 mods on the ships to increase performance.

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