Monday, October 29, 2007

T2 Medium Rails and Blasters ONLINE!

Today I finished T2 Medium Rail Specialization IV capping off the long autumn training list. I now can use small and medium T2 blasters and rails effectively, giving me more damage and range. Sweet. I'm going to hold off on the T2 large rails for a while since the only ship I fly that can use them is the Rokh and I don't feel the need to fly it right now.

I'm picking up a couple skills this afternoon to level 1 for later training, and then beginning the long haul of Caldari Cruiser V (~22+ days). Once that is in place, about 7 days to get Recons, and another 3 days to get HACs.

Then I have several training options:
- Heavy Interdictors
- Heat
- T2 Missiles (ACK!)

Yeah, T2 missiles. If I'm going to go all the way to Black Ops battleships on the Caldari line, I'm going to need better missile skills, there is no way around it. Sigh.

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