Friday, October 26, 2007

Crossroads Again

Ah Eve, ever changing.

Once again Kirith is at a crossroads (for those invested in Razor, no crossroads there, its rocking forward with massive mineral purchases this week!). The crossroads is not what skill to train (definitely Caldari Cruiser V after I finish Med Rail Specialization IV) but what to do?

I thought IPORC was going to be home but my friends got lured away. You see, when we all went with Minessis into Omen, one friend decided to go a different direction and join a corp called Exile (actually e x i l e). While we were moving to Deklien, moving out of Deklien, joining Coreli in Fountain, then Exuro Mortis in Fountain, then leaving Omen for Coreli, then leaving Fountain, then leaving Coreli, he was happy and having a grand time in Exile. Bastard ;)

Well, as we regrouped in IPORC he told tales of what he was doing and how great his corp was and he lured the core group away and recruited them into Exile! I could have gone too but the fact of the matter is I'm so busy with Razor that I don't feel I have the time to be a useful and productive part of a 0.0 elite PvP corp in an alliance.

So I figure I have a few choices. First off I could stay in IPORC and continue my pirating ways, run a few missions, etc. I keep in touch with the others through a private channel we share so no big change there. However it means no gangs roaming through low sec like last weekend as they are all off in 0.0 now.

Second choice is to join Razor, which really has no advantages and only brings the wrath of anyone I attack down on the corp.

Third choice is to look for a new corp to join that won't mind my limited playing time. Probably something based in Empire.

Hmmmm.... decisions decisions.

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