Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Me So Smart

Twenty two days left for Caldari Cruiser V last night. I sighed. I brought up Evemon (Greatest Tool EVAR!!!) and played around and noticed that if I upgraded from +3 implants to +4 implants I could shave 27 hours off. I checked my wallet; lots of cash and no big purchases in the near future. Excellent.

So I went off and bought a complete set of +4 implants for a cool 70 million, even the Charisma one because what the hell, it was cheap. I then jumped into my spare clone with no implants, flew him to HQ, and went to plug the new shiny +4s into my skull.
Error: You need Cybernetics trained to IV to use this item.
CRAP! I forgot about that. So I put the skill on and saw it would take a couple days to train up and I had another 23 hours before I could get back into my +3 clone. End result, I've ended up adding about a day and a few hours to my end date for Caldari Cruiser V. DOH!

At least I will benefit from the +4s going forward once they are plugged in. Sigh.

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