Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stuck In Syndicate

Poor Kirith. You'd never know he was my main the last couple days. He's still sitting in the station in Syndicate I left him in on the weekend. Or was it Monday? Hell, can't remember.

I've been busy getting my new character Barak into position with his freighter and transport ships in Gulfonodi and having Derranna making some Large Shield Extender IIs for selling. Next step is to start producing Scorpions so that means minerals, minerals, minerals. Yay for the freighter!

On the test server the skill requirements for building the new battleships went from racial Starship Engineering V and Mechanical Engineering V to IV for both. That will shave 20+ days off the training time if it holds.

I've blathered on about what to train Kirith to next: Cruiser V or Large Hybrid Turret V? Well, considering that neither of the new Caldari T2 ships appear to be rail based (or heack, have turret hardpoints!) I'm going to forgo the T2 large rails and blasters for the moment and get into HACs, Recons, and the new Heavy Interdictor. Only problem is out of those five ships, only one, the Eagle, is a rail ship. GAH! I HATE YOU CCP! Looks like I'm going to have to choose between training up Gallente ships or T2 missiles this winter.

Side note: All the new Heavy Interdictors use the Tier 3 cruiser as the model except the Caldari one that used the Tier 2 cruiser (Caracal) as the base instead of the Tier 3 (Moa). Why? There are three possibilities:

1. There was no model for the Moa and they didn't want to waste time making one in a graphics engine that is being made obsolete.

2. They didn't want to make it a rail ship as most Caldari are missile users. After all, of the T2 ships that are rail boats (Harpy, Eagle, Raptor, Vulture) they all have counterparts of the same class that are missile ships.

3. They can't stand the Moa like most of the rest of us and went for the more sexy Caracal design.

Overall I think 2 is the most likely but it still pisses me off. Why be a rail Caldari pilot if we get no love? :(

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