Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dark Side Shennigans

A friend was leaving Eve and offered his character up to us for a measly sum of money. I jumped at it and bought it.

Was it for the Thanatos carrier? Was it for the tons of mods he owned? The faction ships?


He can fly a freighter and owns one too. The rest I could give a fig about. Hell, I checked his skills out and even though he has 20 million skillpoints he really is not well trained in combat ships and mods beyond drones. And his carrier skills are just enough to sit in it and jump to a cyno.

But the freighter and T2 haulers are very attractive to Razor who will have a need to move tons of minerals in the future.

I put the carrier in cold storage and contract all the non-hauling ships and mods to Kirith to use or sell.

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  1. Still waiting for evemail about shares? Debes Sparre.