Thursday, November 01, 2007

A New Start

Last night I applied to m3 and was accepted. For the first time I've joined a corp where one of the original IPORC guys had not paved the way for me first. I'm now in a corp filled with people who don't know me and I need to step up and prove myself. I'm really excited about this opportunity.

Joining a new corp whether you know some people or not always follows these stages for me.

1) Get to know the names of the various leaders and their positions. Find out who is responsible for what and who I need to pay attention to.

2) Get to know the various areas of operations. What systems, what stations, what comm server, what channels, etc. And find out where the danger is!

3) Get to learn the politics and history. Some people may have no position of authority but may be life long friends with the CEO and have a lot of influence over corp policy.

4) Get to know allies and enemies. Other corps and alliances in the area that we fight with and against. Who is dangerous, who is a joke.

As I soak in all this info from the forums, corp chat, corp mail, etc, I make friends, chat up the locals, get into some ops, basically make myself and my abilities known. My goal in this corp is to really stand out and take a leadership role so I plan to really throw myself into operations where I can.

Note: Razor Tech will not be affected by this change in Kirith's employment.

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