Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wacky Weekend Adventures!

Its been a wild weekend.

First off on Sunday I decided to try and PvP in my Blackbird with three corpmates, but some miscommunication saw me engaging an ishtar by myself. Whoops! I jammed his ass but subsequently was quickly dispatched and podded by his drones. I thought an Abaddon battleship was warping with my and I forgot to give the signal on Vent of what was happening. Out of practice definitely.

On the upside, it was a T1 cruiser and didn't cost very much to replace. I spent the rest of the weekend taking care of things in Empire before flying back to 0.0 with a vow to get more PvP action.

On the business side of things, I'm in the process of producing Shield Emitters (all four racial types) from advanced materials in an effort to reduce the middle man and cut costs of T2 Invul Field production. I've got 30 Invul Fields slated for manufacture this week and I need the money since I went out and bought the Esoteric Ship Interface this weekend for the upcoming ship invention effort (I had help from investors).

In other invention news I tried two more cloaking device inventions and got one 10 run Covert Ops Cloaking Device BPC! So far the success rate is 33% and that is on par with other module invention. Only problem is the long copy times. Maybe I might get more BPOs and copy them simultaneously.

Also: I received a comment this weekend from someone browsing my blog for the first time that having T2 ships without T1 weapons was not good. I agree and right now Kirith is in training for T2 rails and I am on schedule to get small Rail specialization later this week and medium Rail specialization next week. Large Rail specialization will be a few weeks after that (darn Sharpshooter V and the 24 days for Large Hybrid V).


  1. Yes, get those t2 weapons. They are a vast improvment (even without t2 ammo) over t1. They're far cheaper than the best named, as well.

  2. Anonymous2:51 am

    "darn Sharpshooter V and the 24 days for Large Hybrid V"

    But so worth it.