Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Corp Theft Troubles

On the weekend a friend apparently got his account hacked (I say apparently because you can't be 100% sure with people you only know through the game) and lost about 2 billion in assets. Worse, he was a director so cleaned out the corp wallet as well of another billion or so.

The problem is that the friend with the hacked account was the leader of a group of us called the Black Lotus that basically merged with the corp. With this corp theft the trust levels have plummeted and all of us from Black Lotus have had all rights revoked and access to hangers denied "indefinitely". I can't blame the CEO really; he has no way of knowing if it was a hacked account or plain old theft and if it was theft and the leader of us merger guys is crooked, how far does the rot go? On the other side, if we were all crooked we could have coordinated a complete gutting of corp assets and not just the wallet but I think the CEO is not ready to chance it.

Anyways, the question of what to do now has arisen. Wait out the mistrust and work our way back into the corp good books? Or cut our losses and start over in Empire space running missions and building up the industrial side of things?

Time will tell.

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