Friday, August 31, 2007

Mining ... oops!

I got into my retriever this morning, promptly when off to a belt, and mined a bunch of Veldspar. It felt good for a five minute warm up.

Later today I decided to really break in the strip miners and started to realize what a newb I was. I didn't know how to operate a asteroid scanner, wasn't sure how fast or how much the miners would pick up, had to avoid any rats whatsoever even though they shouldn't scare a 1 day old, and basically realized I was without a plan at all. Oops!

So I sat back and thought about it: am I mining for production or resale? What ores should I look for and concentrate on, because that will determine where I need to go? How will this operation work, one person or two?

Finally I settled on the answers. First off, I'm mining for production purposes such as building ships and ammo. I wanted to build a Rokh for Kirith so veldspar would be an excellent start and I can do that close to home. Secondly, I decided that this would be a one woman operation.

Here's how:
1) In a frigate with scanner, find a belt with lots of ore and then bookmark a good location close enough to the good 'roids yet apart enough to secure some giant secure cans (GSCs).
2) Use hauler to anchor 4-5 GSCs at the location within 15 km of targets.
3) Come in with Retriever and fill cans and cargohold.
4) Come back with hauler to retrieve full cans.

I should be able to secure about 500K units of tritanium per round trip that way if not more.

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