Monday, September 24, 2007


I decided to try out a Myrmidon for ratting instead of another battleship or using the scorpion. The reasoning is that the Myrmidon can field 5 heavy drones (for now) and 6 medium blasters and should be able to cause enough damage while tanking the return damage.

So I bought and outfitted it on Friday and was sitting in station considering trying it out Saturday morning when the word went over vent that a friend got owned by some neutrals two jumps out. Dreaded nano ships, Huginn and a Vagabond. I sat in station and listened as they showed up in local and a while later a corp mate reported being pestered by one of them outside a station. Nothing serious.

I lost it. I felt the overwhelming need to demonstrate my willingness to engage in PvP. So I jumped in my Scorpion and undocked with the plan to warp to 100km from the other station and jam from there. If they came at me, I would warp away as he would be unlocked, savvy?

Well just as I arrived two enemy vagabonds warped in and all three ships hit the MWD towards me! FRACK! I tried to warp away but being in a slow boat and they in 6km/s+ nano ships I didn't have the time. I jammed a couple of them but didn't have the chops to jam all three simultaneously and get away. Down and podded. Ouch.

Sunday I was feeling a little down. Rokh? Gone. Scorpion? Gone. I was running out of ships out in 0.0 and my money situation was not good with the looming 100 mil corp tax for October. SO I decided to try and rat in the new battlecruiser.

Wow! Was I surprised. Not only am I killing the rats as fast if not faster than the Scorpion, I'm hardly taking any damage in the process to the point where I've deactivated my hardeners. I guess the speed I fly with the afterburner is enough to avoid the tracking of the battleships and the 6 neutron blasters do awesome damage along with the heavy drones. I have to say I'm really loving blasters right now and I wish that the Ferox had 6 or 7 turret hardpoints as I fear 5 would be insufficient.

Sigh, do I have to become a Gallente pilot?

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