Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last night I was online doing some ratting and then I headed over to Y-Z to unload loot, get some more ammo, etc. Antimatter Medium is hard to come by on market in Fountain so I considered pod jumping up to Empire and getting some ammo and stuff and smuggling it down the pipe. And then comms reported this:

"Twenty five outbreak in E-B heading to core."

Oh frack. Outbreak are the guys that got my Scorpion on the weekend (more my fault than their skill TBH) and the rumour on them is that they have a lot of skill points (40-50 mil), lot of nano-ships, and more capitals than we can muster. Worse yet, it looks like they are moving in to stay for a while.

Immediate the orders started coming down from above to get multiple fleet battleships ready, multiple PvP ships, etc. I look at my hanger: one Myrmidon, one Covert Ops, one Stealth Bomber, one Raptor equipped for shuttling. I look at my wallet: 70 million after Oct corp tax. Hmmm.... I'm screwed.

I did pod jump myself up to Empire and bought new +2 implants for my clone, then I packed up my T2 harpy and flew back to Aridia where I currently have stopped to pick up a second covert ops frig. Since I can't see getting enough scratch to fly a fleet BS, I plan to fly a couple covert ops and be the eyes and ears for operations where I can.

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