Monday, September 24, 2007

One Week Painting Challenge

I went into Games Workshop to buy the new chaos codex on the 15th and found out that there was a painting contest in one week. Buy the new plastic terminator chaos lord, paint him, and enter the contest on the 22nd. In a moment of impulse I bought the model and decided to try and paint him in one week and win the contest.

Day one: Saturday
Brought home the box and tried to decide how to assemble it as it comes with a lot of spare bits.
I decided on a pose with a more in-action style and very few bits to distract from the model.
DSC01257 DSC01258 DSC01259 DSC01260
Then I primed it black and it was ready for painting.

Day two: Sunday
I started the silver trim and found it very very bright! I was going to have to find a way to tone that down. I also got to work on the red cape.
DSC01262 DSC01263
Day three:Monday
More silver trim, more work on the cape. Next its washing time!
DSC01265 DSC01266
Day four: Tuesday
I applied a black watered down ink to the silver and red cape in order to darked the colours and add some depth to spots there was none due to the monochromatic style. I think it worked very well, here are before and after shots.
DSC01265 DSC01266
Day five: Wednesday
No painting due to game of Epic.

Day six: Thursday
Yikes! Running out of time!
I worked on the cape highlights and I'm very pleased with the result. Easily the best part of the model. I also started details on the body.
DSC01282 DSC01284
Day seven: Friday
Except for finishing the base, I completed painting. The claws were done with four shades of blue and an edging in white, and the black was highlighted with edging of Ultramarines blue. I spiced up the green cables with snot green washed with dark green ink. The base was done in brown and then washed in black ink, followed by drybrushing in brown again. I considered highlighting in brown/white mix on the edges but decided against it as it might make things too bright. On Saturday morning I added some gravel to spice up the base and sealed the paint job.
DSC01285 DSC01286 DSC01287 DSC01288
I submitted my entry to the contest along with four other chaps. As soon as I saw the winning entry I knew he would take away the prize as he did an excellent job with conversions, blending, and style. Still, I was proud to be awarded second in this little contest and the model is definitely one of the best painted ones in my current Chaos army, mainly since no of the others have been painted in the past three years.

Next up: finishing the Dire Avengers :P

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  1. Anonymous11:49 am

    Excellent paint job! I also play 40K and I love painting my models. To bad I suck at it :P It's always good to see a model well painted and in this case, it most certainly is