Monday, September 10, 2007

Money, Its a Gas...

Friday night and Saturday morning were all about the ISKies, ratting in Fountain until the cows came home. Got my wallet back over 100 million with the ratting and selling of some stuff. Still debating what to do with the money. Save it? Nah, too responsible. Buy another scorpion? That was the original plan, but having a ratting scorpion and a PvP scorpion seems silly since the Scorpion is the worst ratting Caldari battleship. Raven? Now there is a ratting ship! But so predictable. Rokh? Expensive, but very tempting. Get to play with blasters! So I'm thinking Rokh once I make some more ISK since I can get a decent price on them from the alliance industry wing.

Of course, there is the whole possibility of getting into a Myrmidon and flying that sucker around but perhaps next payday ;)

Speaking of industry, I put in three ship invention jobs for Merlin 1 run BPCs simply to try it out, make sure the skills are where they need to be, etc. Won't be profitable but nice to see hard work come to fruition and I'll get the results this evening.

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