Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It all happened so fast!

As I write this, I'm sitting in a NPC corp with an application to a new corp hoping that the agreement we made with them holds true and they are not screwing with us.

What the hell, right?

Ok, let me get you up to speed. As you recall, a group of us friends in Eve call ourselves the Black Lotus order. We joined en masse to Omen Incorporated to get access to 0.0 in exchange for them getting more numbers and PvPers. Omen left Storm Armada after we joined and we moved to Fountain to work with Coreli Syndicate which merged with Exuro Mortis alliance after we joined.

Well, time passed and it became apparent that us Black Lotus members could not stay with Omen Inc. I won't go into details here, but we liked the alliance and we liked Fountain, so we approached Coreli and asked if we could move laterally from Omen to Coreli. The response was, yeah, sure, and good thing you asked because the alliance is booting Omen soon. Whoa.

So we scrambled and as Omen was given 48 hrs to get out of Fountain we Black Lotus pilots moved our stuff into NPC stations in Fountain and sent applications to Coreli.

And now I'm waiting. To make sure I had no roles with Omen anymore, I left the corp completely this morning and ended up back in Deep Core Mining. Of course, the thought had occurred to me that for a laugh Coreli might be saying yeah sure but really mean "you dumb idiots are going to be stuck in Fountain with all your stuff and surrounded by people ready to shoot you on sight." Which, in my humble opinion, would suck donkey balls.

On the upside, last night I was farting around and got in on a isk farmer bust with two other Black Lotus guys and three Coreli pilots. Haven't had decent PvP in a while and it was damn fun. Need moar Pew Pew!


  1. Carrier jump out ftw?

  2. Don't have access to a carrier right now that I'm out of Omen and not in Coreli. Plus I've had bad experiences with disorganized carrier jumps, I'm more likely to sell as much as I can and sneak out in the ngiht. NPC stations FTW!