Friday, September 07, 2007

Ratting Again

Now that the drama of the past week has passed I'm back out in our 0.0 home with the Scorpion ratting and generally getting back into the groove of things. I spent about 40 million since last weekend on odds and ends and my wallet fell below 50 million last night, but a few BS spawns later and I'm feeling better. I'm going to concentrate on ratting and PvP hunting this next week and build up the wallet so I can look at getting a better ratting ship.

The Scorpion is not bad when fitted out with tanking and torps, but efficiency is the name of the game and a Raven would be so far more efficient and I could setup the Scorpion for PvP and leave it that way which would be nice. ECM anyone? On the other hand, a Rokh could rat pretty good and be used for PvP... damn, torn again. Regardless, I need some cash.

I finished Small Hybrid V last night and moved into Medium Hybrid V training of 15 days. Yuck. I figure I won't worry about the Small Rail Specialization skill until I'm back in Empire sometime. I got to thinking about what to do two months down the road when this effort is done and I'm torn between interdictors, recons, and HACs. Mostly between the latter two to be honest, as an interdictor requires a few skills that do not provide much use elsewhere while both Recons and HACs require Cruiser V (indeed, that is the bulk of both of them).

(Un)Fortunately I have lots of time to decide.

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  1. If you're going caldari, your recon/hac choices are meh. Eagle is a joke, cerb is a mini raven. I'll leave it to the reader to determine how that's not a helpful thing in a hac.

    Falcon is paper thin and you can't solo with it like you can (could) arazu/rapier (pilgrim). Rook is okay, but also paper thin.