Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night I was in Aridia in a station, ready to continue my journey to Fountain with my hauler full of ammo and a Harpy and Buzzard. I undocked in a shuttle and checked the next gate (clear) and as I returned to station I saw an Ammar battlecruiser, an Absolution, sitting and waiting.

I thought to myself, I can get to warp before he gets me. So I jump in the hauler and undock. I hit warp to gate. He starts targeting, scramming, and shooting me. I get up to speed... and run into the station. What the FRACK?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


I died because I got stuck on the station. DAMN!

I got my pod out (more because he probably didn't want the sec hit from podding me) and limped back to Vehan. I was determined to get to Fountain that night so I stocked up my Ferox with ammo and hit the road again, getting to core without any other excitement.

Although my wallet was looking better since they cancelled the 100 million corp tax for October, I was still feeling the effects of three ship losses in one week so I packed up the Myrmidon with ammo and head out to do nothing but rat for the rest of the week. Its time to make some ISKies. This morning I picked up about 10 million in bounties and hopefully tonight get even more.

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  1. Been busy recently, so a couple comments: 0utbreak are a bunch of nanowhores, basically. They do have a large number of capitals and are willing to use them if need by. They get bored fast. Go hide somewhere for a couple weeks ratting in an off-the-path system and come back with enough cash to buy new battleships and you'll never end up fighting outbreak. :p