Friday, September 28, 2007


I look back fondly on the IPORC days where a lot of us were bright eyed and bushytailed. Where we ran around in T1 cruisers and frigates and thought we were the bomb. We had enthusiasm, that's for sure, but we lacked experience and it told. We tried a lot of things: living in 0.0, running moon mining POSes, low sec piracy, and later when most of us formed Strife we tried Empire wars.

Good times.

But we flew apart for many reasons. Some people got caught up in real life issues and cut back on playing time, others went hardcore carebear, some wanted fierce 0.0 action. That was last winter.

Now a couple core guys are coming back and playing again. Others of the old team, we all kept in touch, are joining up with them for some low sec gang squads. There is talk of hoisting the IPORC banner once again and they want me to be a part of it. Replace our previous innocent optimism with T2 ships and experience, but the evil laugh would be the same.

I'm seriously considering joining them should IPORC rise again, but at the same time I really want to make my relationship with Coreli work, and I want to prove to them and myself I can hack it in a 0.0 alliance. I'll probably join the guys for a few runs through Placid, but I'm determined to make it in Fountain. Dammit, but why do they have to have so much fun without me!?!

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