Friday, August 17, 2007

Is that a mining laser in your pocket or...?

Mining has always been in the back of my mind as an occupation. When ratting in belts sometimes I will see what types of ore are there and imagine myself mining them. The promise of the rich 'roid, easy money with little to no risk. Ah, the dreams.

Kirith is too combat oriented to mine effectively without massive training, but my industrial alt is far more along the path of roid rage. When Derranna was still young I would take her out in a probe with lasers and mine in Syndicate while waiting for the next batch of BPOs to come out of the labs. Then earlier this year I actually bought a mining barge but things got crazy in KODA and I sold it. But the dream lived on.

This week I bought a new mining barge, a retriever, and made a training plan to get into it and start melting veld. I thought about rolling a new character but I figured I didn't want to bother with it and all the secondary skills required. Derranna is pretty close to being in a mining barge so I went with her. It will take a couple weeks after I finish Metallurgy V.

Speaking of ratting, yesterday I finally stumbled across a Shadow Serpentis cruiser (800K bounty) and plugged him. Not only did I get some faction ammo and a named blaster, I picked up a 3 run BPC for Shadow Warp Disrupter batteries for a POS. Not a great find, but very exciting for me. Ratting is going well overall; I make about 10 million from bounties in an hour and I'm getting lots of loot and salvage to deal with later on. I think next week I'll try and smuggle it back to empire.

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