Monday, August 20, 2007

Eve: So What Next?

Ok, I got my Scorpion with both ratting and PvP setups. I got a Blackbird, and coming up in a carrier a Manticore, Buzzard, and Raptor. And I have over 60 million in the bank. So what next?

Well, I have three current ambitions. The first which I should accomplish in a few days is being able to fly Assault Frigates, specifically the Harpy. Its a nice rail ship with lots of turrets and is based on the sexy Merlin hull. I can see using it as a small gang support ship, maneuverable like a frigate and hitting like a cruiser. This will cost me about 20-25 million for the skill, ship, and mods.

Next up is training for Recon ships so I can fly Falcons and Rooks. Not a huge deal for me personally, but they are ECM capable ships and useful to the corp. The skill book alone costs a pretty penny so I'll need to build up the bank account.

My third ambition is another battleship, this time a Rokh. I want to play around with a blaster setting and there are players that swear by a blaster outfitted Rokh. I'm collecting blasters in Fountain from rat droppings to move forward towards that goal.

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