Friday, August 17, 2007

The Wall That Are Obliterators

Last night I played Noel and his Lost and the Damned in 1500 pts Take and Hold Mission.

I sent the Red Tide up the flank facing off against 3 obliterators, and 10 kroot mercenaries in a forest. I deployed the guardians to absolutely destroy the kroot (Go Go Destructor Template! *WHOOSH-BBQ-KROOT-STEAKS*) and turned the following firepower at the obliterators:
Twinlinked brightlance
8 twinlinked shuricats from bikes, vypers, and wave serpents
2 Shuricannons
Twinlinked Shuricannon
11 Shuriken from scorpions
Fire Prism

I got one wound. Damn.

The Fire Prism missed, brightlance was saved by the 5+ invul, and Noel just rolled lots of 2+ saves on everything else.

That was distressing but not totally unexpected. I tried to tie the oblits up with the charging jetbikes but they were quickly broken and scattered. The oblits then charged the 10 scorpions and I thought my power fist would help out here. Four attacks hitting on threes... rolled 1, 2, 2, and 2. Uh oh.

Next assault phase, got some wounds, he made the save. Finally the assault phase after that I started to make headway and eventually killed the oblits when I had 2 scorpions left, but my that time the Red Tide was down to a Fire Prism and two wave serpents facing off against a lot of enemy that were still alive.

The fire prism had a rough start too. Night fight first turn and I rolled 6 inches for seeing, missed second turn at the oblits, and was shaken for the third turn. Turn four I blew up the hellhound and turn five I blew up a nice chunk of zombies, but got weapon destroyed before turn 6. Still, it survived and claimed some objective VPs.

Lost and the Damned claimed victory and I give credit to Noel for making a solid attack on my static flank to clean up while the obliterators stopped the red tide singlehandedly. A little but of better luck for me on those hits and worse luck for him on those saves and it could have been a much different game.

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