Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Soon You Will Be Mine

Last week I got assigned the Mordus Headhunters mission and while I had no trouble completing it, I just lacked enough time to do decent salvaging and complete it. Last night I finally had time to sit down and run them out of the system. I made a crap load of money off that mission, lots of juicy BS and loot, not to mention salvage.

Today I finish Evasive Maneuvering V and start into the Interceptors skill, my third T2 ship after the Covert Ops and Stealth Bomber. Then some training in Gallente frigates and cruisers so I can have access to the sexy Myrmidon and Brutix battlecruisers as my new PvP ships of choice.

On the industry side of things, I purchased the Graviton skillbook and Prototype Cloaking device BPO for a cool combined 145 million. Ouch, but hopefully it will be worth in down the road.

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