Friday, June 08, 2007

New Freaking Plan Man

I've been all over the map with training skills in Eve since I got T2 Drones a month ago. Shield skills, missile skills, Social skills, electronic warfare, etc. I had like 8 different plans written up and it was getting to the point I didn't know what to train next so I would train anything.

So this morning I tossed everything and made one plan. The New Freaking Plan, man! Its goal is to get me into Interceptors first (just because I am close and want to fly fast) and then train up to a Myrmidon battlecruiser (as my initial Drone ship). After that it is a variety of skill improvements to get access to tech 2 mods such as Reactor Control units, X-Large shield boosters, Tracking Computers, and Invulnerability Fields, followed by skills to improve targeting and fitting turrets on ships. Its a 43 day plan that will take me to the cusp of my summer vacation near the end of July.

So what am I going to train on the week I'm off camping? Hmmm... we'll wait and see.

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