Thursday, June 14, 2007

Streak coming to an end?

My eleven game unbeaten streak is under dire threat today. I have a 1700 pt game against Brent (Ezekiel), one of the most solid generals I know of in Ottawa. Comfortable leading Dark Angels or Orks, he is a clear thinker and solid tactician and will be a serious challenge.

Full report coming tomorrow.

In Eve progress is slowly being made toward being able to copy the Prototype Cloaking Device. Unlike the shield mods, it required high science skills (Graviton Pyshics and Hydromagnetic Physics) as well as research databases, and the max number of runs is 100 and takes a long time to execute. Nasty business. To make matters worse, I got everything in place last night but couldn't start the copying because all my slots were tied up in material research of the latest batch of rig BPOs! Due to the long queues in Empire, the first is not due out until July 2nd.

On the upside, that gives me a break to do a few things. My standing with Ishukone Corp had improved enough to get level two R&D agents for Hydromagnetic Physics and Quantum Physics, so I switched to them and increased the rate of RPs by 7 per day. With two-three weeks of not needing datacores, I should have enough for 10-12 datacores each. Research party in July in my station!

I need to get a Graviton Physics R&D agent but the lowest available one in Ishukone is a few points higher than my standing so I'm training Connections IV in hopes that I don't have to run a few missions after that to get her.

While my lab slots are tied up, my factory slots are not. I have two T2 BPCs in the hanger, one for Invulnerability Field and one for X-Large Shield Booster. I'm low on cash since tying up so much of it in the cloaking device BPO and skill, so I'm going to build and sell the cheaper-to-produce X-Large Sheild Booster first and get the capital to build the Invul Fields. Unfortunately the market in Domain got flooded with cheap Invul Field IIs recently so the profit may not be as lucrative as previous sales. Once I get invention slots available again, I can look into the other shield mods and see if more profit is to be had.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    Hey Bill, could you look into making a few CCC rigs for me? let me know how much.. I lost my uber ratting dominix last night to SHEER STUPIDITY on my part, and lag on EVE's part. (my ship entered warp, and THEN blew up.... good luck getting your wreck when its halfway between a station and the mission.....