Friday, June 01, 2007

Busy Busy Busy - Battle Report

Its been hectic at work hence the lack of updates. Anyway, here is the report from a game I had with Corey.

2000 pts, Omega Cleanse mission

2 Farseers
3 x 10 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents
3 x 9 Warp Spiders
1 x 3 Warwalkers with Scatterlasers

2 Farseers, one of them with three warlocks
1 x 5 Scorpions in Falcon
1 x 10 Scorpions in Wave Serpent
1 x 10 Guardians in Wave Serpent
6 Jetbikes
5 Pathfinders
2 Vypers
5 Warp Spiders
5 Dark Reapers

Basically I had planned to swoop from my quarter into the quarter adjacent to my deployment along the long board edge of the 4x8 table (which in hindsight was a bad idea) but Corey brought on the warwalkers so that they covered the quarter before my reserves showed up. And he put a deep striking squad of warp spiders along the border between my quarter and his long-board-edge-adjacent quarter.

So I revised my plan and went in a straight line from my long board edge to his, killing the deep striking and late arriving Dire Avenger squads as they showed up and ignoring the far-away warwalkers who had very little to shoot at all game once they hosed the pathfinders.

Corey made a run of it by getting empty wave serpents behind my leading edge and made some wicked tank shocks to break a couple units, but the scorpions/warp spider advance was too powerful in the later game as the early units (one warp spider squad and one dire avenger squad along with the warwalkers) had been eliminated / negated already.

By turn six I had scoring units in every quarter and corey had none in my home, giving me a bonus 500 pts on top of what looked like a slight victory in normal VPs.

I think Corey made two minor mistakes that snowballed into an untenable position:
1) Warwalkers advanced on the table out of range of the Dark Reapers, but consequently out of the battle as I avoided them.
2) Throwing the early reserves (one warp spider unit and one Dire Avenger unit) into the line of fire too soon instead of hunkering down and waiting for more reinforcements.

I hammered the first warp spider squad and saw them off in two turns, and nailed the wave serpent with a bright lance/ eml combo from the wraithlord right away, effectively meaning that Corey had over a third of his army out of the battle with my casualties being only minor. Although he fought valiantly to make it interesting, it was simply weight of numbers and half-decent playing that saw me to victory after that.

I'm sure once Corey shakes off some more rust he will be glad to make me pay for this victory in spades.

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