Monday, June 04, 2007

Killing Rats All Over the Place!

Wow, almost a week since my last Eve post?!? One might think I'm not playing anymore. One would be wrong.

Running missions in the Rokh is going very well. I had enough salvage to build a CCC rig to increase capacitor recharge rate and enough isk to buy a few more parts to build a semi-conductor console (or something like that) rig to increase capacitor size. The hope was that I could remove the cap booster module and get another defensive mod in there instead and it seems to work out. When running a Blockade level 4 against Angel Cartel NPCs today I found I could sustain my cap indefinitely with the Invulnerabilty Field and Tracking Computer running and slinging Lead ammo. Switching to Antimatter made it drain a bit faster and I don't think it will last forever, but hopefully long enough in most missions to make the cap booster gone for good.

In place of that mod I can put in a rat specific resist amp and increase my defensive capabilities. I also dropped the sensor booster for another PDS II to boost cap and shields.

On the industry side of things, I'm a little over halfway to my high sec POS standings and hope to be there by mid summer. The T2 invention has been suspended while I move current Invul Shield II stock and prepare to invent some other shield mods. Derranna's training for Transport ships is continuing nicely and I hope to be there by early July: Minmatar Industrial V takes 28 and a half days don'tcha know.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    Hey Bill, make sure you buy up cheap stealth bombers before their prices skyrocket with revelations 2. I bought up a pile of tem, and did a "show info" on it and it turns out I can actually fly one! Now I just have to train Missile bombardmet up to like 5 for the big tactical nukes ad ill be good to go