Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rokh Rules!

I'm so glad I chose to go for the Rokh instead of the Raven. Its so much fun.

The Insisto Oblivium II is working really good right now in missions, better than the original Insisto Oblivium (may it rest in peace). There are several reasons for that:
1) My Shield skills are improved so I'm getting more resistances out of my invulnerability field.
2) Tech 2 drones and levels of Drone Interfacing (along with a 5th drone) make them far more deadly.
3) While the 350s give less overall damage and range, they are better for nailing the small stuff which is often 3/4 of the battle.

I invested in an EM resist rig last night so that my base resists are all about 45% or higher and with the invulnerability field on I get awesome all-round defence.

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