Monday, May 28, 2007

Crush All Marines!

Last Friday's battle saw another space marine player line up and get knocked down, this time Max (aka Lostknight) and his Phoenix Marines. Once again I chased a squad off the table with a tank shocking wave serpent, this time Assault marines. Really quite sad.

* * *

In other news, i.e. Eve news, I left No Quarter and moved into KODA. In order to run missions for raising ISK, Standings, and Salvage parts I bought a new Rokh instead of Raven and proceeded to outfit it.

I had the debate over whether to go with the 425mm rails or the 350s. The 425s have greater range and damage, but the 350s have increased rate of fire and tracking so while the 425s can reach out and hurt someone farther, the 350s can handle things in closer with almost the same amount of damage. In addition the 350s are much easier to fit and cost half as much for the best named. So I bought eight 350mm rails (Prototype Gauss) and gave that a try. So far in two missions I like it.


  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    Have you left No Quarter forever, or just for now?

  2. I think forever. I'm actually talking with Jakk Blakk about helping re-start IPORC in a few months or so.