Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Letting Go Of The Life Line

Last night I logged in, found out my old mentor was in system with me and was heading out to 0.0 space, and I joined him. Earlier in the day it was no sure thing.

I spent a lot of the previous 24 hours debating the merits and demerits of going out to deep 0.0. Yes, ratting would be great money, a section of space protected by allies, corp bonding etc. But the downsides were significant: long route through dangerous space to 0.0 base, long way from any NPC stations, no way to jump clone back to empire, difficult to get back, living out of cans... it was all very different from the life I was used to, and very intimidating.

At one point I was strongly considering changing my mind and going solo into my own destiny. But I realized it was all based in fear of the unknown. Fear of trying something new. So I logged on, found my friend, and fit some warp stabs and a cloak.

The trip out to the 0.0 base took a while but fortunately we had a scout to lead the way and warn us when danger approached. It took over an hour to get everything ready and get through the pipe, but we did it and I'm now safely in deep space 0.0, ready to kill rats until my eyes bleed or I have enough cash for a shiny new rokh.

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