Monday, May 07, 2007

Endings and Beginnings

How things change.

Where once I proudly proclaimed "Strife for Life!" this weekend I traded in my Lieutenant stripes for a new corporation called No Quarter.

NoQ is much bigger than IPORC or Strife ever got to, and its quite intimidating meeting all these people at once and going through all the info of an established group and getting the hang of where to go and how to be. Heck, they already have some people doing invention and running industry so my strengths are no unique or interesting here. That being said, I do bring my unique brand of organizing so I'll keep my eyes open for any opportunities to step up and show my skills.

Speaking of invention, I completed three more attempts this weekend and picked up two more BPCs, this time with 12 runs because I used some decryptors. I also built 10 T2 Invul fields from the first BPC that I need to sell.

Finally, the dismantling of the POS was started Sunday morning and all that is left is the tower itself which I need 30 minutes to do. I'll try and accomplish that tonight maybe.

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