Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey you... DIE!

So last night I finally got to go out and rat. I was sure looking forward to the big bucks, yessiree.

First belt I warp to, I find two cruisers and two battleships. Nice. Bounty on each BS is 1.25 mil. Sweet! I engage and wipe out the cruisers easily, then take on the first BS.

Hmmm... slowly going down. Ok, this could take a while.

Wait, what? He boosted! Crap, hope he doesn't do that too often.

Jammed again! Frack!

Ok two thirds shields gone but I have to reload. Ah crap, he's boosted back to one third!

It quickly became apparent that my DPS was insufficient to break his tank. Fortunately there was a corp mate in the system ratting in a raven and he let me join him for the rest of my time online. Later on I reworked my setup removing two assault launchers I had on for frigs and putting on two more heavy launchers, which also forced me to downgrade one shield extender. This morning I went out and found an identical spawn to the one above and tried my luck again.

I was successful. Barely. Took longer than I would like but was doable and got decent loot out of it. I'm going to tweak the setup a bit more and train up a couple missile skills that help with DPS, but eventually I'm going to have to get a battleship up in 0.0 to do real ratting.

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