Wednesday, April 18, 2007

RIP Insisto Oblivium

Last night it was quiet so I decided to start a mission and get some isk and salvage. Hmmm, mission name "Attack of the Drones". I should have turned it down, I hate drone missions because they tend to come in small and fast on the Rokh and force me to warp out and refit to deal with them, but I figure I can handle it.

Warp to the mission, four small drones pop up. I sent out my T1 drones and align with a station. Ok, nothing serious.

Uh oh, reinforcements. Hmm, I can take them, they are far out enough for my rails to start chewing them and the drones are working on the close ones. I can warp out and come back at range if need be, its not deadspace.

Damn, more reinforcements including some BS class drones. Time to get some range. Call in the drones, click warp button.

Um... why does my speed not say warping?

Click warp button. Being damage messages I see the dreaded "you may not warp as you are being scrambled..."


The next ten minutes are filled with cap boosting my shields and desperately attempting to nuke the drones nearest but I don't have the drone skills to do it and my long range rails are completely useless. With twenty drones drilling me and no escape, I could only watch in despair as my pride and joy was chewed up and spit out like yesterday's trash.

With not enough money to get a new Rokh and no cruise missile skills to fly a Raven (plus money would be very tight there as well) I am forced to look at new options. I think I might give a passively tanked Drake a try, I've heard good things about it.

Sigh. This has not been a good week for me.

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