Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mission Running the Hard Way

Last night I logged in a Derranna and there was a storyline mission. I guess providing tons of trit to my research agent was sufficient to tell Eve that I was running missions, although buying 50K of trit and shaving 300 of it off every couple days hardly counts but whatever.

The scary thing is the mission is a combat mission. Ah shit. The only weapon she's ever fired has been a mining laser at a 'roid. But I figured level one, how hard can it be? So I equip up a Rifter, few autocannons, couple armour repairs, and head out to space.

First off, the rifter was fun and I have to get Kirith into one more often. Second off, when you have very little combat skills on your character to speak of, even the smallest, weakest, group of three NPC rats is DAMN hard! I got through the first room and second room (with frequent trips to the station to quickly recharge my shields), but when the Mercenary Fighters showed up in the third room with their high speed and missiles I was in trouble. But I could handle them and blew one up... but they called for reinforcements and one Elite Merc Fighter showed up and I had had enough. I maybe could have done it but it would have taken a lot of tries and I just didn't feel like it.

So I failed the mission, got shitty standings to Caldari Provisions, and went back to base to give some more trit to my research pet.

In other news, I began training of Caldari Encryption Methods last night. Invention begins in less than a week.

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