Thursday, April 19, 2007

In A Funk

Last night in Eve I was in a funk. I tried to finish the Attack of the Drones mission in a Drake which was more successful, but still lacked the tank to take on the 12 drone battle ships and the range to fight them from a distance. At that moment, I really really missed my Rokh. They are like two sides of the same coin: Rokh can own large ships from a distance but gets pwned by frigs in close, and Drake murders frigs and cruisers in close but can't deal with battleships fast enough.


I spent the rest of the playtime in a funk, not sure what to do. I jumped in my salvager and salvaged some wrecks in belts but that was unsatisfying. I did some scan probing to get the hang of finding things and using the map to figure out where they are, but didn't find anything interesting.

But it gave me an idea. I went up to Bei and got my Ferox to bring home and refitted with a recon probe launcher in it. I then put some mods on it for solo-pvp hunting of haulers/miners in safe spots. The idea is I warp in, shoot out a scan probe or two, and see if any ships are hiding in a safe spot worthy of me warping in and taking out. Might try it tonight if time permits.

Either that or a level three mission to get some easy kills and some salvage. I desperately need to rebuild the bank account.

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