Friday, April 20, 2007

Man, Level III Sucks!

I ran a level three mission in the Drake last night and it was an all-round disappointment. Crap loot, crap salvage, crap bounties. The only good thing was the reward and bonus adding up to about one million isk, better than everything else. I have got to run level fours, I just doubt the Drake can do it efficiently. The other option is to go out the Syndicate and risk life and limb ratting. At this point, tempting.

After the mission I took out the Recon Probe Launcher armed Ferox and slipped into low sec. At one point I was tracking a ship called an Impairor. I didn't recognize the name and couldn't find it on the market. I was afraid it was some super faction ship or something but damned the torpedoes and warped in. There it was, empty. Frigate sized. Locked, fire, boom! Nice! Looked at the kill mail. Civilian Gating gun, Civilian Mining Laser... wtf? Ah crap, the Impairor is the Amarr rookie ship. I blew up an empty rookie ship. Elite pirate I am not. I lost 2.5% sec status for an empty rookie ship? NOOB!

Still, despite the debacle I lost nothing but two charges of ammo and some security status and had fun looking around with scan probes for something juicy to warp in on. Almost warped on a Myrmidon but slapped myself and stopped the warp. A Ferox couldn't beat a well piloted Myrmidon on a good day and my setup was gimped for scan probing miners, haulers, and smaller ships. Getting restless.

Time to get some money.

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