Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So What Next?

I drove the Rokh home last night and gave in to the temptation to train up a couple levels of Large Hybrid Turret so I could outfit the monster. Very sexy. I still have the plan to follow to increase my skills all round but the question becomes what next? The Rokh is merely an end point on one branch, and a new branch must be planned.

There is always the transporting business in the Freighter and Transport ships. I admit my trade running days have taken a back seat to mission running for a while, but I can always come back.

I could still train up to interceptor pilot, and interdictor beyond that.

I'm also considering a career in salvaging but that would only take a few days to get into.

I will need to train up my rig fitting skills for the Rokh. Minor delay.

The truth is my end game is the Chimera carrier and to get there I need to become profficient at drones. So maybe I will spend a few weeks training up good drone skills. Maybe have enough money to buy a Scorpion to act as my carrier or train up Gallente ships and use a Myrmidon.

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