Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Between a Rokh and a hard place...

When I set up my Rokh earlier this week I applied the principles that have been working on the Ferox: rails in highs, afterburner, bit of shield tank in mids, and weapon improvement mods in lows with a couple engineering mods to make everything fit. But this morning when I got to try the Rokh out by helping a corp mate in a mission, I was in for a rude surprise. Those big guns suck big cap!

In hindsight I shouldn't be too surprised. The Ferox has 5 railguns compared to 8 for the Rokh so I'm basically increasing cap requirements by 60% right off the bat. Additionally, there are two engineering skills that I don't have that increase capacitor value and its recharge rate, skills I was supposed to get trained up BEFORE flying the Rokh. So really its my own fault. Still, all is not lost; I don't need a huge shield tank if I plan to nail bad guys from a distance and I've got no cap helper mods installed yet, so I should be able to overcome this hurdle with some experimenting. I think I will run level 3 missions in this boat to get the hang of it for a while, that really helped in outfitting the Ferox.

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