Monday, February 12, 2007

Rokh Online...

The plan, the almighty plan. Forger of destiny. Keeper of schedules. The plan did lay out that no Caldari Battle training was to take place until such time as my current relevant skills laid out in the plan had been upgraded.

But the skill taunted me, sitting at 0% completed in my character sheet, teasing with the promise of WTFBBQPWN!!!!11!!1!. I tried to resist as I have for weeks but this past Saturday morning I was weak, and vulnerable, and I broke.

"Just one level", I said to myself. "Only an hour and a bit. No harm done." I proceeded to justify my weakness with lies. "This way I can jump in a Scorpion if needed!"

But when it was done there was no going back.

"Its only 5 hours for level II. Might as well do it now and then if I find an empty Raven at the side of a warp lane I can bring it home," I lied to myself again. But I knew the truth deep in my heart by this time. I had to have it, the beautiful teir 3 battleship waiting paitently for me to bring it home. By the time level II was finished Saturday night I didn't even consider going back to the plan and threw on Caldari Battleship III with a gleam of madness in my eye.

By Sunday night it was over. "My god!", I cried. "What have I done? What have I done to the plan!?!?!" Angels cried as the plan was pushed out two days and demons from hell cackled as my soul felt the burning of eternal fire and my nose could catch faint whiffs of brimstone.

I'm back on the plan now. My soul is safe for the time being. Except...


Except there is eight 425mm Prototype Gauss Rail Guns sitting in my hanger beside a Large Hybrid Turret skillbook. And tonight I'm bringing home a Battleship with eight shiny new turret hardpoints. Somewhere Satan is chuckling.

In other news, I got to my first level III agent on Saturday! I was quite pleased and I have to say that the level three missions are definitely living up to hype. Most are easily doable in the Ferox of Doom, but a couple required a little re-jiggering of mid mods to improve the tanking to get me through. At one point I was running The Slavers (2/2) and nearly died as I warped to the final room in the middle of a blob of ships and turrets that proceeded to seperate me from my defenses. To make matters worse I didn't align right away so when I went to warp out I lost precious time coming about. I did escape with 0% sheilds, 0% armour, and only 10% structure. E-gads!

Since then I've learned to pre-align while getting the lay of the land. Having good fun with it. If I ever run into a mission too tough for the Ferox, I might have to consider trying the Rokh.

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