Thursday, November 02, 2006

Learning Learning Skills Really Blows

I feel like my main character Kirith has been stuck in neutral forever! I've got my memory and intelligence attributes maxed to the point I'm willing to go (to max that last level would take years to payback apparently) and started working on the level 5 of the Will Power and Perception attributes. Then the tier 2 skills for them. Sigh.

Novmember 17th or thereabouts I'll be done learning the Learning skills. Of course, I'm ignoring the Charisma skills for now just because I don't need that attribute for the forseeable future and can always come back to it. Once I'm done the learning, I start into skills that improve the ships I fly now, like boosting agility or CPU output, while still moving towards the Interdictor. By Janurary 28th, I should be flying into battle in my new ship.

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