Friday, November 03, 2006

Close, But No Cigar

Last night I *almost* got my first taste of real PvP action. Adam and I hooked up in Itrin but the corp we are at war with, Short Attention Span, was camping the station and they outnumbered us: we had a cruiser and a frigate, they had a few battleships and battlecruisers. Ok then. So I swapped characters back to 9GYL and continued my efforts to become manufacturing master of 9GYL. Produced some ammo, identified the blueprints for the directors, investigated the lab queues in our local factory. All in all a productive evening. I'm quite pleased.

"But wait! There's more!"

I also glued some Dire Avengers while watching TV, now got 7 of 10 done. They take a surprising amount of effort to trim and assemble properly, but they look sweet when complete. Tonight I have a game of Epic versus Chris that should be a blast. He assumed I wasn't taking any war engines because I've been avoiding them against IG players lately, and I snuck in a Banelord. So while he has a couple Shadowswords, he doesn't have the Death Strikes and I have extra artillery for knocking out the Vultures. Gonna be a wild fight tonight!

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